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Fuji Star

Japan’s top abrasives manufacturer, Sankyo Rikagaku, first printed the Mt Fuji and eternal stars logo on abrasive paper in 1930. Sankyo Rikagaku’s main production facility based in Saitama, Northern Tokyo, holds ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification for Quality and Environmental Management Systems. The Japanese business philosophy of Kaizen or “change for better”, continuous improvement of all functions including product, work flow and processes, has been adopted and practiced for nearly a century.

Traditionally popular with the automotive and manufacturing sectors, Fuji Star abrasives are now the preferred brand of a broad range of end users and industries – foundries, furniture and joinery manufacturers, marine, film studios, lapidary, agriculture, wood turners, timber processing, electronics manufacturing, fibre optics – to name a few. Exported throughout Asia, North America and the Pacific, Fuji Star has become synonymous with quality, efficiency and reliability.

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Gemtex is a manufacturer of speciality abrasive products sold worldwide. The primary manufacturing plant and corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Established in 1975, the Gemtex product range helps customers to reduce production costs and improve efficiency. Gemtex has continued to develop innovative products like Trimkut Discs, Grind-R and Mini Resin Fibre Discs. Gemtex produces and markets a full range of abrasives for grinding, surface finishing and polishing as well as accessories for international markets.

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To complement the Fuji Star and Gemtex brands, Abcorp carries an extensive range of other coated, bonded, reinforced and non-woven abrasives, brushware, mounted points, diamond blades, polishing mops, compounds and accessories.

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In addition to abrasives, Abcorp carries and supplies a wide range of industrial tools, consumables and safety products. The range features hand tools, air and power tools, drill bits and consumables, measuring equipment and industrial consumables. A wide range of safety products is also on offer including gloves, specs, footwear, apparel, respiratory and environmental protection equipment.


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